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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A rather different Christmas

This year, as Christmas approaches, we realize it is going to be rather different from years past. I had been very worried for a couple of months due to finances and knowing that this year we would not be able to provide as much material gifts for our children as in years past. We have seven children, a granddaughter, daughter in law, and a number of extended family members who are of much importance to us. After much thought (and stress on my side), we came to the conclusion that we would do what we could, that would be all, and we wouldn't worry about it. We have begun several projects with the children to make homemade gifts for our family (and some very close friends). Now due to having these people read my blog, I will not say what we are making, but I will say this..... these gifts are going to be AWESOME! The kids and I are so impressed that we all want one of the first batch of gifts we are working on. My husband has come up with the most creative ideas! This year we can say that blood sweat and tears have literally been put into the work. My husband nearly cut his thumb off working on some of these gifts, and still was back cutting with the kids the very next morning. The best thing about this more "meager" year is we have really enjoyed doing these things as a family. This year our children will learn even more about giving of their time and themselves and the true importance of the season! This year I pray they look forward to the time spent with family, more than the gifts they are given. I see them becoming so excited about the gifts they are creating to give, and am so grateful that they will be more excited this year to give, than to receive. It is so nice to be able to not have to stress about getting all the right things, and rushing around spending money we don't really have! I am grateful that we are having a "meager" year. Because in all honesty, I feel this will be the most abundant year of all! To have such an amazing family, to spend the quality time together preparing for the holiday, to look forward to time with all of the family together! To recognize that the original Christmas gift was a gift of self and teach the children that those are the gifts that really count. This is what all of our Christmases should have been about! So as you prepare for this upcoming season, give from the heart and not the wallet, don't forget to wrap all of your gifts in love, and remember the most important gifts we have is the love and friendship of those God has given to us.

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