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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Where does a strong work ethic fit into a modern day society?

My husband and I work very hard to teach all of our children to have a good work ethic. This is a character trait that follows you into every corner of your life. We want them to understand the importance and benefits of applying yourself 100% in everything you do, and how not doing this can really hold you back once you leave your parent's home and become part of the REAL world. Unfortunately this is becoming harder and harder to teach. We can definately pound in the personal benefits of working your hardest. How much better you will run your home, how much stronger your relationships will be when you work hard on taking care of those around you. How much better you will feel about yourself because you know you are giving all you have to give. But unfortunately we almost feel like liars when we try to teach them that working hard and preforming the best is going to take them somewhere financially and in the work place. Just look around at society today and it speaks the opposite. And I bet over 75 percent of you have already witnessed this in your work places. I know people on welfare who have easier, more stress free lives than most of us who pull our blue collar fourty. And to top it all off they drive nicer cars and have more luxuries than many of us who work our lives away. And let there be someone who is caught in the welfare game who wants to get it out. It doesn't take them long to realize it is almost useless. They can do so much better doing nothing, than trying to make a living on minimum wage. Look at how we idolize and make rich those who entertain us. What about those who perform mundane services? Which could you go without longer? Hearing your favorite musicain come out with a new song, or having your sanitation worker show up at your home to take your trash? Or how about all these buffoons on capital hill getting paid the Big Bucks for running this country while we have hard working men out there putting thier very lives on the line for our freedom who are struggling to pay thier bills. What about scholarship and grant programs that have to have a certain diversity level, so the strongest get left behind so no one can cry discrimiation? It has hit our public school systems as well. I am poud of my kids for doing so well. My daughter even ended her middle school years with a 4.0. But the classes have been so dumbed down, and with the no child left behind kids are taught early they don't have to give their best.And when they do excel in today's classroom I still have to wonder how good of an education they are actually recieving. Last year at orientation one of the teachers even told us he doesn't give zeros. If a name is on the paper and something has been attempted the will get a passing grade. How does this teach children that they need to work? My oldest son who is still living at home faced this reality in school already. He is involved in JROTC and does very well. He has worked hard in school and has honor roll every grading period. He has never gotten into trouble or been involved in any problems there. But this year a girl who was suspened from school was promoted to a rank higher than his. Of course kids talk about her "promotion" and the assumed reasons behind it. And how do I look my seventeen year old son in the face and lie and tell him they are probably wrong, when deep down I know they are probably right? It was a hard lesson for him to learn and I was afraid he would stop trying so hard, but to his credit, he just kept doing what he does and didn't give less of himself. I guess I am glad he learned this now, so when it happens in his carreer he will already know the routine. I see it often in our lives in in the lives of our friends. The key to success isn't so much what you give, but how you play the game. It's more about who you know or who you blow. I still struggle with watching people who know nothing and have not put in any hard work getting promoted above people who have spent years being faithful to a company, just because of their "connections". Or to see someone come in off the street and play such a smooth game they move ahead of others who have put in heart and soul without asking for reward. Society has this work thing ass backwards! But still we will strive everyday to teach our children to be all they can be. To go home and night and when they lie down be satisfied that they gave all God put in them in every aspect of thier lives. That all the bills that were paid, and things they purchased they truley EARNED and didn't just OBTAIN. And I pray that these same traits are passed on and taught to our grandchildren as well. And aside from the same frustrations that we face watching the lack of respect for work ethic that they will take pride and satisfaction with the quality of thier lives rather the recognition of what they give.