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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Where is God? I found Him in my car!!!!

I think sometimes the older we get, the simpler we need life to be. Not that it gets any simpler, mind you. In fact, everyday it feels like someone is turning up the speed and the difficulty level. I often feel like Pac Man, endlessly eating a little line of dots......... faster........faster......faster.............. Trying to reach the goal, complete the job, and still have time to breathe. I am fortunate that I spend so much time on the road, because my car serves as my sanctuary and my quiet time. I often reflect on my fast paced life, my mountains of responsibility, and my faith. I find that God is often more present in my chaos than in peace. I am one of these who have spent many years in my past life chasing after God. I always felt we had to push, try "run the race" to keep up with and stay in His glorious presence. Funny thing is, as I get older I am finding Him in my rat race. I am finding Him beside me at work, whispering in my ear to tone down my thoughts and find His, I am finding Him in my car, enjoying not only my worship music (because realistically my car has become my church) , but also enjoying my country music and feeling happy that I am happy with my awesome husband and amazing family He has given me. I am finding Him everywhere! I guess for me I have found the kind of God who is truly active in every aspect of our lives. It isn't a Sunday experience. It is no longer about wishing Sunday morning or Wednesday night would get here so I can get my God fix. It has become about living a life of finding God in every moment. About allowing God to reveal himself in the good and especially in the bad. About asking God every morning as we are having our morning chat, listening to my radio, not only to reveal himself to me, but through me. My husband has always called God "the big man" and says that to him God does not sit on a throne, but on a bar stool. This is the type of God I am coming to know. He is more than a high and lofty "soon coming KING". He is more than an unattainable "Almighty". While He is most definitely all these things and more, he is also the still quiet voice that helps me through the little daily dramas that never seem to stop. I seem to recognize Him the smile of a stranger, in the sun shining through the clouds, in the leaves falling on my windshield, in the voice of a client who is kind after the last 5 who cussed me out, and as that quiet presence that keeps me sane when my world is spinning way too fast. I am finding myself talking to Him like I talk to my husband. And I am now finding myself taking time to notice he is answering. Not always with the YES I am looking for, but ALWAYS with the answer I need. He is making me aware that the struggles aren't a trial to pray away, but an opportunity for growth and change. That all the mistakes I want to beat myself up for are not only forgiven, but have been used to bring about a greater good in the long run. I am finding God is wanting to be present with us and not just a lofty ideal. Want to know where God is? Look around. He is right there beside you wanting to be an active part of your life. Feel like you aren't worthy or in a place where He is not welcome? Know this, none of us are worthy, but He loves us just like we are. Whether your life is where you think God will fit into it or not, He is completely aware of everything you have going on, even the things you try so desperately to hide from others. Nothing is hidden from Him. Not your pain, your mistakes, your failures, or your triumphs. And guess what....... He loves you anyway!!! Want to know where God is? Look beside you. He's always been there, and always will be. Let Him in! It really is that simple. And know in the long run, it isn't about you having to change. His love does that for us. He just wants to be with us. Period.